YELO - PT. Yelooo Integra Datanet Tbk

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JAKARTA — PT Yelooo Integra Datanet Tbk (YELO) a listed company in the field of providing communication technology equipment and connectivity services, managed to record growth in net sales and net profit in the first quarter of this year. YELO recorded a net income increase in first quarter of 2022 with IDR113.8 billion, up 57.6% compared to the same period last year with IDR72.2 billion. This achievement is a proof of YELO's commitment in accelerating its business transformation, especially in fast and affordable fiber optic-based internet services.

The President Director of YELO, Wewy Susanto said, “During this recovery period, we are grateful that YELO is still growing and even increasing quite significantly. This is inseparable from the commitment and efforts, as well as the expansion carried out by the Company for business continuation and continued growth. In the first quarter, YELO also recorded an increase in net profit of IDR1.9 billion, an increase of 47.6% and a gross profit of IDR2.4 billion, or an increase of 201.7% compared to the same period last year. With this achievement, the Company will hopefully continue to maintain and even improve its performance until the end of the year.” 

To maintain its positive performance, one of YELO's strategies is to continue to provide fast and affordable internet through its Viberlink service, an internet service that uses 100% fiber optic with a connection speed of up to 100 mbps to remote villages on the island of Java. This is aimed at increasing the empowerment of the digital economy, especially in remote rural areas, both for education, agriculture, and creative industries so that they can develop rapidly. (LM)