Thursday, October 21, 2021


Sinarmas MSIG Tower, 12th floor,
Jend. Sudirman St No. lot. 21, Kuningan,
South Jakarta, Indonesia


09:30 (GMT+7)


Approval of (i) the company's plan to takeover PT Holi Pharma (“HP”), a company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, resulted in a change of control in HP by share purchase owned by HP's shareholders by the company, which constitutes all or most of the shares issued and paid up in HP; and the acquisition of new shares (issued by HP) by the company (“Transaction Plan”), which is a Material Transaction as regulated in POJK No. 17/POJK.04/2020, regarding Material Transactions and changes in Business Activities; and (ii) the draft deed of acquisition or the deed of sale and purchase of shares, with terms and conditions deemed favorable by the company and the shareholders of HP in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.


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PYFA - PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk

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