Thursday, June 23, 2016





  1. Approval of the annual report, ratification of the financial statements, and ratification of the Company's Board of Commissioners oversight report of the financial year 2015.
  2. Determination on the use of the Company's Net Profit of the financial year 2015.
  3. Election of a Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company's financial statements in the financial year 2016.
  4. Determination of the salary amount/honorarium and other benefits for the next Board of Commissioners and Directors.


  1. Approval to Board of Directors of the Company to transfer, rights release or
  2. pledge, either part or all of the Company's assets, in one transaction or several transactions, independent or related to each other, for a period until the Annual General Meeting in 2017, to obtain loan facility to be received by the Company and/or its subsidiaries, or extend or refinance (including all increase and/or changes). 
APIC - PT. Pacific Strategic Financial Tbk

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