Thursday, June 30, 2016


Indonesian Stock Exchange Seminar Room, Tower II, Level 1,
Jend. Sudirman street Kav.52 - 53,
Jakarta 12190


10:00 (GMT+7)



  1. Approval of the Annual Report, Ratification of the Financial Statements, and ratification of the Company's Board of Commissioners oversight report of the financial year 2015, and to release and discharge of all responsibilities (acquit et de charge) to all Board members for the management and supervision carried out in the financial year 2015, as such actions reflected in the annual report.
  2. Election of the Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company's Financial Statements in the financial year 2016, and determine the honorarium of the Public Accountant and other requirements.
  3. Determination of the salary amount/honorarium and other benefits for Board members.


  1. Approval of changes in the Company management composition.
  2. Approval to increase the Company's capital.
  3. Approval to the Board of Directors to transfer, rights release, or pledge of part or all of the Company's assets, in one transaction or several transactions, independent or related to each other, as long as it is not a material transaction or transaction that has a conflict of interest for a period of up to the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2017, to obtain financial facilities received by the Company and/or the subsidiaries, or extend or refinance (including all increase and/or the change).
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