Monday, May 14, 2018


Hotel Grand Kemang
Kemang Street 2H Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12730


02:00 PM (GMT+7)



  1. Approval of the annual report, ratification of the financial statements and the Board of Commissioners oversight report of the fiscal year 2017, and to release and fully discharge on liabilities (acquit et de charge) to the Board members for the management and supervision conducted in the fiscal year 2017, as such action reflected in the annual report.
  2. Appointment of a Public Accounting Firm to audit the Company's financial statements for the fiscal year 2018, and to determine the Public Accountant honorarium and the other requirements.
  3. Determination of salary / honorarium and other allowances for the Board members.
  4. Report on the proceeds usage from the Company's initial public offering.


  1. Approval on the changes of the Company name.
  2. Approval to the Board of Directors to transfer, legal release, or pledge of the Company's assets, either in part or in whole, either in a single transaction or several transactions, as in individual or related to the other, not a material transaction or transactions with conflict of interest, for a long term period until the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2019, in order to obtain the financial facility for the company and / or subsidiaries of the company, either for the extension or refinancing (including all increase and / or modification).
NIRO - PT. City Retail Developments Tbk

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