Monday, May 28, 2018


Fave Hotel Puri Indah
Puri 1 & 2 Room
Kembang Abadi Street Block A1 No.1
Jakarta 11610


09:00 AM


  1. Approval of the Company's Annual Report for the fiscal year 2017, including the Board of Directors accountability report and Board of Commissioners oversight report of the Company for the Fiscal Year 2017.
  2. Approval and ratification of the Company's Consolidated Financial Statements for the fiscal year 2017.
  3. Approval to authorise the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors to appoint a Public Accountant to audit the Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year 2018, and to determine the honorarium of a Public Accountant, and the other terms of appointment.
HELI - PT. Jaya Trishindo Tbk

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