Thursday, June 4, 2020


Bidakara Hotel
Gatot Subroto street Kav. 71-73


10:00 (GMT+7)


  1. Approval of the Company Annual Report, including the Company Activity Report, the Board of Commissioners Oversight Report, and the ratification of the Audited Company's Financial Statements in the financial year 2019.
  2. Approval and Ratification of the Financial Statements for the Implementation of the Audited Partnership and Community Development Program in the financial year 2019.
  3. Determination on the use of the Company net profit of the financial year 2019.
  4. Determination of Tantiem 2019, Salary and Honorarium along with facilities and other benefits for all Board Members in 2020.
  5. Election of a Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company Financial Report  and the Financial Statements of the Implementation of the Partnership and Community Development Program of the financial year 2020.
  6. Approval to the change of Limited Public Offering (PUT) I through Right Issue.
  7. Ratification of Proceeds usage report of the State Capital Participation Fund (PMN) up to December 31, 2019.
  8. Approval of the confirmation on Regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises
  9. Other:
    1. Proceeds usage report from the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 2010;
    2. Proceeds usage report from Shelf Registration Public Offering (PUB) II Phase II of 2019, and
    3. Proceeds usage report from Limited Public Offering (PUT) with Preemptive Rights (HMTED).
  10. Approval on the Change of the company management composition


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