LUCK - PT. Sentral Mitra Informatika Tbk

Rp 418

-30 (-6,70%)

JAKARTA. PT Sentral Mitra Informatika Tbk (LUCK) posted a net profit growth of 35.96% year on year (yoy) to Rp 3.79 billion in the first half of 2019.

LUCK CEO Josephine Handayani Hidajat said that she is optimistic the company's performance will grow this year.

"This year's growth will probably reach around 30% in the top and bottom lines, and we're confident we can surpass that figure," Ms Hidajat said on Friday (23/8).

LUCK's 1H revenue grew 8.85% yoy to Rp 48.31 billion, which was driven by sales of merchandise (Rp 38.68 billion), followed by extra clicks (Rp 6.22 billion), lease (Rp 2.86 billion), and other income (Rp 546.28 million). (AM/MS)