JAKARTA - The Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) recorded the amount of customer deposits as of October 2019 reaching Rp 6,003 trillion, up compared to the same month last year, the number of deposits reaching Rp 5,646 trillion. This increase was also followed by the number of customer accounts from 268.69 million to Rp 297.28 million accounts.

Quoted from the data report and distribution of LPS commercial bank deposits, the largest composition of customer deposits in commercial banks in the form of time deposits amounted to Rp 2,618 trillion with a total of 4,794,888 accounts. Followed by savings in the form of savings worth Rp 1,844 trillion with a total of 288,862,166 accounts, demand deposits worth Rp 1,430 trillion and 3,622,497 accounts, deposit on call totaling Rp 94,886 trillion and 5,718 accounts, and certificates of deposit totaling Rp 16,745 trillion with 284 accounts.

In terms of deposit ownership, the amount of third party funds (DPK) reached Rp 5,892 trillion or 98.14% of the total deposits and deposits from other banks amounting to Rp 111,492 trillion or 1.86% of the total deposits with 254,453 accounts. (LK)