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JAKARTA - Through its transportation units, Panorama prepares a fleet of bus to be used as shuttle services for medical teams from Covid-19 special hospitals to hotels that have been appointed by the Government as a place for medical personnel to rest.

This bus fleet is deployed through 2 (two) business units, namely Panorama Destination and White Horse. The total bus crews of the two business units are 38 people (driver and assistant driver) and 11 bus fleets.

The bus fleet deployed by Panorama Group will all follow health protocols according to WHO standards, namely bus crews must be in good health, there are rules of seating a minimum of 1 meter in the bus, and are prohibited from opening windows during the trip in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

"With this training, bus crews can feel safer because they are equipped with knowledge about Covid-19 so they can better understand its prevention so they are better equipped to carry out their duties when carrying medical teams later," said Martini Polina, Director of Panorama Destination Transportation.

In line with Panorama Destination, White Horse Group also conducts training. This training was conducted at the Panorama and White Horse bus pool. It was carried out by the bus crew before the operation begins. This training is expected to help the driver and driver's assistant to be better prepared to carry out their duties in accordance with applicable standards. (LM)