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JAKARTA. PT Link Net Tbk (LINK) announces its intention to distribute the cash dividend of IDR 282.59 billion, equal to IDR 102.7 each, by the end of this month following the positive growth in its financial performance in 2020.

According to Joannes, the Corporate Secretary of LINK, this plan has gained approval during the Annual General Shareholders Meeting held a couple of days earlier. The total dividend to be distributed is equal to 30.01% of the company’s net profit in 2020.

The cum dividend date in the regular and negotiation market has been set for June 15, 2021, followed by the cash market on June 17, 2021. The disbursement would take place on June 28, 2021.

According to data, LINK reported a net profit of IDR 941.71 billion in 2020. Compared to last year, this number grew by 5.27%. (KR/ZH)