JAKARTA - The Ministry of Health has expanded consultation services and free drug delivery through telemedicine services for self-isolated COVID-19 patients to 4 regions, namely Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Bodetabek).

In total there are 11 telemedicine platforms in Indonesia that collaborate with the Ministry of Health including Halodoc, YesDok, Alodokter, Klik Doctor, SehatQ, Good Doctor, Klinikgo, Link Sehat, Milvik, Prosehat and Getwell.

The free telemedicine service starts from the process of taking and examining samples in the laboratory. To get this service, patients must perform a PCR/Antigen test at a laboratory affiliated with the Ministry of Health's New All Record (NAR) system. If the result is positive and the laboratory providing the COVID-19 test service reports the test results data to the Ministry of Health (NAR) database, the patient will receive a Whatsapp message from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (with a green tick) automatically.

Not all types of drugs are given free of charge, there are only 2 drug packages covered by the Ministry of Health, namely Package A (People Without Symptoms) and Package B (mild symptoms).

Delivery of drugs and/or vitamins from Kimia Farma pharmacies to the patient's address will be assisted by the SiCepat expedition service. Therefore, the delivery address on the telemedicine platform must be correct, according to the patient's address. (LM)