SOFA - PT. Boston Furniture Industries Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Boston Furniture Industries Tbk (SOFA) is assured of attaining IDR 49 billion in revenue following the upcoming two new showroom openings by the end of this year. President Director of Boston Furniture Industries, Hardy Satya, expresses his optimism through the public expose, quoted today (19/8).

According to Satya, the sales in the first half of 2021 have reached IDR 17 billion. Its soars approximately 40% to 50% from the number reported in the same period last year. “This sales achievement equals 35% of the projected revenue of IDR 49 billion and net profit of IDR 2.8 billion,” he further elaborates.

At this point, his company is still calculating the effect of the Community Activities Restriction Enforcement (PPKM) on its offline furniture sales. After all, the consumers tend to directly see and experience the furnitures as they are displayed in stores. “The showrooms in talks of opening consist of two units, thus meaning that there will be three showrooms in total by the end of this year,” he adds. (LK/ZH)