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JAKARTA. The ongoing positive trend of the commodities price had driven the increase in heavy equipment demands received by PT Intraco Penta Tbk (INTA). Thus, it raised its management’s optimism in attaining a 10% to 15% growth target.

Astri Duhita Sari, Corporate Secretary of INTA, believed that downstreaming processes and the relaxation of mobility restriction policies would allow INTA to hit this year’s objectives.

According to Sari, the LiuGong heavy equipment sales visibly increased as the mining goods and crude palm oil prices proliferated. Moreover, out of the total heavy equipment sales reported in H1 2021 of IDR 126.3 billion, LiuGong products dominated 47% of the said amount.

Meanwhile, the segment with the most extensive contribution was the agriculture segment, with its massive growth in sales of up to 415% year-on-year (yoy) in the first half of 2021. Then, the general industry followed with a 111% growth, along with the mining segment of 82%. (AM/ZH)