JAKARTA. The number of share investors until last week had reached 3 million single investor identifications (SID). It is the highest number recorded in history since the reestablishment of Indonesia’s capital market in 1977.

Hasan Fawzi, Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange Development, confirmed that on October 14, 2021, the total investors had amounted to 3,008,318 SIDs. “We believe that educating and promoting proper knowledge about the capital market would assist potential investors, especially the younger generation, in determining better investment strategies in the future,” Fawzi stated last week.

Fawzi further revealed that there had been 1 million new investors signing up this year until August 31, 2021, of which the younger generation of investors dominated. Thus, he expressed his wish for these youths to solidify the vital roles of local investors in their own country.

As of October 14, 2021, the total investors in the capital market, including shares, securities, and mutual funds investors, have reached 6,597,100 SIDs. (AM/ZH)