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JAKARTA – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) collected sales of IDR 19.09 trillion by the end of Q3 2021, shifting higher by 11.7% from the number reported last year and bringing the net profit to climb by 12.8% from IDR 2.02 trillion to IDR 2.28 trillion.

Bernadus Karmin Winata, Chief Financial Officer of Kalbe Farma, revealed that the most extensive contributor of sales is the distribution and logistic division, which brought in IDR 6.81 trillion. The nutrition division added IDR 5.17 trillion, followed by the prescription drugs of IDR 4.19 trillion, while the health product division contributed IDR 2.91 trillion.

KLBF’s operating profit rose by 11% to IDR 2.80 trillion, leading the operating profit to the sales ratio of 14.9%. Furthermore, the profit before income tax amounted to IDR 2.97 trillion, with a margin of 15.6%. “The higher growth in net profit, compared to the sales, resulted from efficiencies in operational activities,” Winata explained. (LK/ZH)