JAKARTA - The Ministry of Industry continues to strive to demonstrate the capabilities of the national industry in the global arena, including the successful application of digital technology. This transformation towards industry 4.0 is a tangible manifestation of the implementation of the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap.

"The government is optimistic that the big aspirations in Making Indonesia 4.0 can be realized, namely to make Indonesia one of the 10 countries that have the strongest economy in the world by 2030," said Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita at the Dubai Business Forum Expo 2020 with the theme Industry of Indonesia 4.0 - Electronic and Automotive Industry, Saturday (23/10) local time

The Minister of Industry said that initially when it was launched in 2018, the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap set out five industrial sectors that received development priorities in implementing digitalization, namely the food and beverage, textile and clothing, automotive, electronics, and chemical industries.

However, over time, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government added two more sectors that also spurred its performance, namely the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. These two sectors are able to grow in the midst of the pandemic so that they have great potential in supporting the national economy in the future. (LM)