PDES - PT. Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk (PDES) collaborated with two local partners in Thailand to introduce Panorama Destination Company Limited (PDCL) to expand its business in the said country. The fund resources used to form that subsidiary came from the company’s internal cash.

Sylvia Rafael Harnadi, Corporate Secretary of Destinasi Tirta Nusantara, explained that PDES’s ownership percentage in PDCL is 58,800 shares or 49% of the total issued shares, amounting to THB 5,880,000. “The remaining 51% of shares belong to the local Thai partners,” she added, as quoted today (12/11).

PDCL would run the travel and the tourist agency with Thailand as its destination. PDCL would have its financial report consolidated to PDES’s. “The company would boost its performance by opening an operational office in Thailand, riding out the beneficial momentum of growth in ASEAN region,” Harnadi claimed. (LK/ZH)