ESIP - PT. Sinergi Inti Plastindo Tbk

Rp 103

-7 (-7,00%)

JAKARTA – PT Sinergi Inti Plastindo Tbk (ESIP) would issue 640,347,707 shares of IDR 50 each. Along with these shares, the company would also release 224,121,697 Series II warrants that could be converted into an equal number of shares.

Eric Budisetio Kurniawan, President Director of Sinergi Inti Plastindo, claimed that the shares to be issued in the corporate action originated from its portfolio. “This corporate action plan is scheduled for the first half of 2022, or at least 12 months after the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on January 13, 2022,” he further stated in the information disclosure Tuesday (7/12).

According to Kurniawan, the proceeds of this rights issue would be utilised as the company’s working capital. By the end of this corporate action, the shareholders would have their portions diluted by 50% should they choose not to exercise their rights.

As of October 2021, ESIP’s total shares amounted to 640,001,907 shares, 55.37% of which belonged to PT Tanindo Omega Pasifik. Then, Eric Budsetio Kurniawan secured another 11%, while the rest of them went to public investors (each below 5%). (LK/ZH)