ASMI - PT. Asuransi Maximus Graha Persada Tbk

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JAKARTA - Taking advantage of the company's aggressive growth momentum at the end of 2021, PT Asuransi Maximus Graha Persada Tbk (ASMI) is strengthening its digital transformation by establishing a strategic partnership with insurance broker PT PasarPolis Insurance Broker (“PPIB”) as an affiliate of PT PasarPolis Indonesia (“PasarPolis”) as one of the insurance technology (insurtech) companies in Indonesia. Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This strategic collaboration aims to increase access for the Indonesian people to obtain insurance protection for the micro category through digital channels.

As one of Maximus Insurance's digital transformation efforts that focuses on building an integrated digital ecosystem, this strategic collaboration is believed to be able to further expand the positive impact it wants to present by meeting the needs of the community in the midst of an increasingly digital lifestyle today. This is in line with the increasing digital trend, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Jemmy Atmadja, President Director of Maximus Insurance explained, “We are very pleased to be working with PasarPolis, as one of the insurtech companies with no doubt about its reputation in the insurtech world, especially in Indonesia. We are increasingly convinced that digital trends continue to move dynamically where people have also increasingly increased purchases through marketplaces or e-commerce platforms, so this is what drives us to expand the market segment for insurance protection in the micro insurance category by collaborating with PasarPolis.”

Jemmy explained, in its implementation, this collaboration is carried out through e-commerce business partners. He also added that the current conditions show the very effective effectiveness of digital marketing in line with the acceleration of digital insurance development spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. (LM)