JAKARTA - Pertamina Power Indonesia as Subholding of Power & New Renewable Energy (Pertamina NRE) agreed to sign a cooperation agreement with Hyet Solar Netherlands BV (Hyet Solar) to develop photovoltaic (PV) foil manufacturing on Thursday (7/4).

"The signing of this MoU was done at the right moment because it is in line with Indonesia's Vision 2045 and the G20 Presidency to achieve energy sovereignty and a sustainable energy transition in Indonesia. I believe that the cooperation between the two parties will contribute to national and global efforts in realizing greener energy," said Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Mayerfas in his remarks.

In this collaboration, Hyet Solar uses a pv foil technology called Solar Powerfoil, which is a thin film made of amorphous and micro-crystalline silicon solar cell layers, with a shape like 0.5 mm thick foil that can be rolled up. The advantage of PV foil technology is efficiency in terms of installation because it can be installed on a variety of surfaces.

As the initial phase of this collaboration, Hyet Solar will run a pilot project for developing a small-scale Solar Powerfoil. If the pilot project meets the investment parameters, both parties will proceed with a feasibility study.

Pertamina NRE is aggressively carrying out Solar Power Generation (PLTS) projects, which currently focus on internal Pertamina and the potential reaches 500 MW, including PLTS at Pertamina's gas stations spread across the archipelago. To accelerate the energy transition, Pertamina NRE collaborates with various strategic partners, both technical and investment collaborations. (LM)