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JAKARTA. The state-owned pharmaceutical company, PT Kimia Farma Tbk (KAEF), seeks revenue growth of 11% in 2022 after reflecting on its success of attaining sales growth of 28.49% in 2021 to IDR 12.85 trillion.

Andi Prazos, Director of Production and Supply Chain of Kimia Farma, confirmed that the management set the target of revenue growth to 11% in 2022. With the net sales reported at the end of 2021 of IDR 12.85 trillion, the company expects the 2022 sales to reach approximately IDR 14.26 trillion. Meanwhile, from the 2021 revenue, the company managed to collect IDR 302.27 billion in net profit, 16.13 times higher than IDR 17.63 billion recorded in 2020.

According to Prazos, in 2022, there will be transition of popular products in the market as the pandemic abates. He predicts an improvement in the industry performance in 2022. “Kimia Farma also change up products, anticipating for innovations,” he claimed through the 2022 public expose yesterday (11/5).

Lina Sari, Financial and Risk Management Director of Kimia Farma, believes that the erasure of swab test and PCR test prerequisite policy for travelling will affect the company’s financial performance at the end of March 2022. (AM/ZH)