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JAKARTA. PT Kimia Farma Tbk will direct its attention to reduce the dependency on imported raw materials for medicine by 13.86% in 2022 by optimising the utilisation of production plants and commercialisation of its self-manufactured raw materials.

Andi Prazos, Director of Production and Supply Chain of Kimia Farma, mentioned that as of present, KAEF has successfully manfactured 11 types of medicine raw materials to cover the domestic needs and obey the domestic component level regulation (lit. Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri/TKDN). Based on the target of the Ministry of Trade, KAEF should have generated 21 types of medicine raw materials by 2025.

“We have already considered the next step regarding the compensation strategy following the subsided COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia,” he explained. The company will also expand its omnichannel’s distribution scale, improve services in primary clinics in major cities, enhance homecare and telemarketing services, as well as rebrand its pharmacy, clinic, and laboratory outlets.

Prazos’s vision is to make KAEF the global pharmaceutical player and the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia by 2025. (AM/ZH)