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JAKARTA – PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk (FREN), a telecommunication provider, wraps up the mandatory convertible bonds (MCB) II, generating 2 billion units of Series C shares at the end of the conversion. James Wawengkang, Corporate Secretary of Smartfren Telecom, confirms the news in the information disclosure quoted Thursday (19/5).

“The MCB II issuance and conversion align with the result of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on June 25, 2021,” Wawengkang stated.

These Series C shares has a face value of IDR 100 each and an execution price of IDR 100 per share as well. Cumulatively, the value of these MCB II amounts to IDR 200 billion. All Series C shares had been listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) last Tuesday (17/5). (LK/ZH)