RAJA - PT. Rukun Raharja Tbk

Rp 960

-10 (-1,04%)

JAKARTA - Until the end of the first quarter of this year, PT Rukun Raharja Tbk (RAJA) has absorbed capex  of USD 5.3 million. The Company uses capex which is allocated to several posts.

For information, the majority of capex is allocated for payment for Rokan oil pipeline assets, compressors, and gas infrastructure. This was conveyed by Director of RAJA Oka Lesmana to Kontan.

For 2022, RAJA has prepared a capex of USD 60 million. A total of USD 20 million is used for the completion of the Rokan pipeline project, then the remaining USD 40 million will be used for pipeline network development and business development or the implementation of several projects in oil and gas service.

Last year, RAJA managed to record a net revenue of USD 98.14 million with a profit for the year of USD 2.25 million. (LM)