JAKARTA - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) continues to accelerate the construction of the Margatiga Dam in order to increase the number of water reservoirs and support national food granaries in Lampung Province. The dam construction work has entered the final stage with a progress of 96% and is scheduled to be completed according to the contract in December 2022.

The Margatiga Dam is designed with an embankment type construction which has a height of 28.75 meters, a peak length of 321.76 meters, and a peak width of 7 meters. With an open channel escape channel, this dam is projected to reduce flooding by 83.10 m3/second for parts of Bandar Lampung and East Lampung.

The construction of the Margatiga Dam uses the APBN budget in a multi-year contract (MYC) for 2017-2022 with a contract value of IDR 846 billion. The dam construction work is under the responsibility of the Mesuji Sekampung River Basin Center (BBWS), Directorate General of Natural Resources, Ministry of PUPR with the implementing contractor PT. Waskita Karya-PT Adhi Karya (KSO).

Nationally, from 2015 to 2021 the Ministry of PUPR has completed 29 dams to support food security and water availability programs in Indonesia. In 2022, it is planned that 9 dams will be completed and 13 dams will be continued in 2023. (LM)