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JAKARTA – The shareholders of PT Minna Padi Investama Sekuritas Tbk (PADI) gave the green light to the rights issue plan, of which will offer 11,037,245,524 shares of IDR 25 each. Djoko Joelijanto, President Director of PADI, announced this result of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting in a report quoted Thursday (18/8).

“[The shareholders] have granted authority and control to the directors of the company to decide several actions regarding the Limited Public Offering I with Preemptive Rights,” Joelijanto stated.

Along with the shareholders’ blessings, they also assigned the directors with the task of adjusting the articles of association regarding this issued and paid-up capital increase.

The shareholders meeting took place yesterday (15/8), in which the shareholders who represent 3,980,663,478 shares or 35.2% of the entire issued shares were present. The rights issue plan was then agreed upon by 99.17% of the meeting’s quorum. (LK/ZH)