STAA - PT. Sumber Tani Agung Resources Tbk

Rp 975

-40 (-4,21%)

JAKARTA – PT Sumber Tani Agung Resources Tbk (STAA) will take over the entire shares of Sumatera Plantation Ltd (SPL) in PT Hanuraba Sawit Kencana (HSK) and PT Sawit Agro Lestari (SAL), expending a total of IDR 306 billion.

Mosfly Ang, President Director of Sumber Tani Agung Resources, confirmed that PT Transpasific Agro Industry (TPAI), a subsidiary of STAA, has taken the position of the new controlling shareholders of HSK and SAL. “The company is not affiliated with the seller party, as dictated by the applicable law and provisions in the capital market,” he mentioned in the information disclosure quoted Monday (3/10).

According to Ang, this transaction agreement took place on August 26, 2022, involving TPAI and PT Madina Agrolestari (MAL), another subsidiary of STAA, as well as SPL and PT Bio Permai (BP) as the selling party of HSK’s and SAL’s shares.

The transaction was completed last week (30/9). HSK’s acquired shares amounted to 87,644 shares worth IDR 256 billion, while SAL’s bought shares were 52,320 units worth IDR 50 billion. (LK/ZH)