GSMF - PT. Equity Development Investment Tbk

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JAKARTA – Equity Global International Lmited (EGIL) raises its ownership percentage worth IDR 34.03 billion in PT Equity Development Investment Tbk (GSMF) in a transaction that took place last week (17/10). In September 2022, the controller of this company divested 5.88% of its shares.

In the information disclosure quoted Friday (28/10), Yuyu Lie, Deputy General Manager of GSMF, confirmed that EGIL’s portion rises to 68.28% from 65.4%. “The number of shares involved in this transaction is 410 million units worth IDR 83 each,” Lie added.

Post-transaction, EGIL’s shares in GSMF increase from 9,306,942,731 units to 9,716,942,731 units.

Prior to this transaction, on September 27-28, 2022, EGIL divested 5.88% of its portion, bringing it down from 71.28% to 65.40%. This divestment involved selling 837,781,200 shares for IDR 90 each, or IDR 75.40 billion, cumulatively. (LK/ZH)