BMAS - PT. Bank Maspion Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Bank Maspion Indonesia Tbk (BMAS) will offer 4,176,853,845 shares for IDR 410 each in a rights issue that is scheduled to take place from November 24 to 30, 2022.

Iwan Djayawasita, Corporate Secretary of Bank Maspion, revealed that the ratio has been set to 100:94, meaning that for every 100 old shares, the holders are entitled to 94 pre-emptive rights. Then, each of these rights may be used to purchase one new share. “The estimated value of rights issue is IDR 1.72 trillion,” he added in the information disclosure quoted today (15/11).

PT Alim Investindo (AI), the owner of 2,329,151,289 shares, will exercise 123,069,982 of them and reassign 2,125,552,229 shares to Kasikom Vision Financial Company Pte Ltd (KVF). Kasikom Public Company Limited (KBank), the owner of 443,901,808 shares, will transfer 417,267,669 shares to KVF. Similarly, PT Guna Investindo (GI), the owner of 260,675,000 shares, will channel 245,034,500 shares to KVF. These transfers will be conducted in accordance with the mechanism used in the stock exchange during the effective period.

KVF, as the controller of 1,333,482,808 shares of Bank Maspion, will then receive 4,031,328,267 shares from several shareholders mentioned above, split into 2,787,854,428 units and 1,253,473,839 units, as dictated by its rights as the shareholder of BMAS. (LK/ZH)