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JAKARTA - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has temporarily suspended (suspended) the share transactions of 43 issuers in the first trading session since yesterday (16/2).

In the disclosure published on Friday (17/2), Adi Pratomo Aryanto, Head of the IDX's Corporate Assessment Division I, said that 43 issuers were suspended for not paying the 2023 Annual Listing Fee (ALF) until yesterday (15/2).

"Temporary suspension of securities trading at the Regular Market and Cash Market for 43 companies," he said.

The suspended issuers are in trading status, that is, suspended in all markets, including PT Arimidian Karyatama Tbk (ARMY) and PT Cowell Development Tbk (COWL). Suspensions on the regular and cash markets include PT Ratu Prabu Energi Tbk (ARTI) and PT Cipta Selera Murni Tbk (CSMI). Also, issuers are active in all markets, including PT Dewa Freight International Tbk (DEAL). (LK/LM)