POLU - PT. Golden Flower Tbk

Rp 515

-5 (-0,96%)

JAKARTA – The stock of PT Era Media Sejahtera Tbk (DOOH) soared 34.25% throughout the session in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) yesterday (26/9). This shift allowed the company to rise to the top of the gainers’ list, replicating the trend seen last Friday (22/9).

Based on IDX data compiled today (27/9), DOOH was closed at its peak, at IDR 98 per share, which was IDR 25 higher than the previous closing price of IDR 73 per share. The lowest transaction price was recorded at IDR 68 per share.

Throughout the session, 814.23 million units of DOOH’s shares were being traded within 37,886 transactions worth IDR 72.23 billion. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) that remained idle prompted investors to divest more of their portions, resulting in foreign sell of 16.28 million and foreign buy of 12.02 million shares.

Then, PT Golden Flower Tbk (POLU) slipped to the runner-up position from the top spot secured yesterday (26/9). The stock price increased 25% or IDR 165, bringing the price from IDR 660 per share to IDR 825 per share. The lowest price recorded was IDR 710 per share.

The number of POLU’s shares being traded clocked up to 1.84 million, recorded within 1,069 transactions worth a total value of IDR 1.48 billion. The positive trend was treated as a momentum for investors to mass-divest their shares, as foreign sell clocked up to 700 shares, whereas foreign buy was nil. (LK/ZH)