PMMP - PT. Panca Mitra Multiperdana Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Panca Mitra Multiperdana Tbk (PMMP) will seek shareholder approval regarding the private placement plan at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS), Wednesday (11/10). This seafood issuer will issue 235.30 million shares with a nominal value of IDR 100 per share.

In a brief prospectus quoted on Tuesday (10/10), the number of shares to be issued is around 10% of the company's current issued and paid-up capital of 2.35 billion shares. The exercise price for this plan has not yet been decided by shareholders.

Currently, PMMP's authorized capital is recorded at IDR 800 billion and the issued and fully paid-up capital is IDR 235.30 billion, with the owner structure including, PT Tiga Makin Jaya (TMJ) 43%, Soesilo Soebardjo 24.65%, Martinus Soesilo 8.50 %, PT Harapan Bangsa Kita (HBK) 8%, Hirawan Tedjokoesoemo 0.85%, public 15%. The number of shares in the portfolio is IDR 564.7 billion.

After the private placement, the issued and fully paid capital amounted to IDR 258.83 billion with the owner structure namely, TMJ 39.09%, Soesilo Soebardjo 22.41%, Martinus Soesilo 7.73%, HBK 7.27%, Hirawan Tedjokoesoemo 0, 77%, the public 13.64%, and prospective new shareholders 9.09%.

Yesterday (9/10), the issuer's share price closed at IDR 264 per share, totaling 2.33 million in 311 transactions worth IDR 609.42 million. Foreign buy and foreign sell were recorded at 174,200 and 82,900 shares respectively. (LK/LM)