KRYA - PT. Bangun Karya Perkasa Jaya Tbk

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JAKARTA. PT Bangun Karya Perkasa Jaya Tbk (KRYA), a construction company established in 2007, announced its latest new contract commissioned by PT Hartono Istana Teknologi, a subsidiary under Djarum Group.

Dharmo Budiono, President Director of KRYA, mentioned that acquiring this contract is an honour for the company. “Because we finally obtain the Hartonos’ trust to carry out the construction of service centre for Polytron electronic products in Bandung, West Java,” said Budiono in the official statement.

The value of total contract obtained by KRYA from Hartono Istana Teknologi is IDR 8.71 billion. With this new contract, Budiono said that his party is committed to generate the best result by maintaining the quality standard of construction.

In the preliminary agreement made by KRYA and Hartono Istana Teknologi, the service centre construction will take approximately 10 months. The project is expected to be completed on December 21, 2024.

For the record, this construction project also applies retention period for service centre maintenance, which has been agreed to one year. (KR/ZH)