PYFA - PT. Pyridam Farma Tbk

Rp 100

-1 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA – At the closing bell on the week opening (22/4), PT Pyridam Farma Tbk (PYFA) saw 34.43% jump from its closing position last week (19/4). This surge allows PYFA to be crowned top gainers.

Based on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) data quoted today (22/4), PYFA went up by IDR 42 to IDR 164 from the initial IDR 122 per share. The closing price is the highest transaction price all day, while the lowest hit IDR 138 per share.

This surge in stock price urged investors to purchase more, as foreign sell was recorded at 23,000, much lower than the foreign buy of 259,200 shares. The transaction volume clocked up to 2.49 million, recorded within 103 transactions, and total value of IDR 394.04 million.

Down the line, PT NFC Indonesia Tbk (NFCX) was sported with 25% increase to the runner-up position, after gaining IDR 280 jump to IDR 1,400 per share from the previous closing pice of IDR 1,120 per share. The lowest transaction price was at IDR 1,130, while the peak hit IDR 1,400 per share.

The transaction volume hit 483,600 shares, all recorded within 219 transactions worth IDR 608.93 million. This gain prompted investors to mass purchase NFCX, as foreign buy hit 171,900 shares, while foreign sell was stuck at 56,900 shares. (LK/ZH)