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JAKARTA - PT MPX Logistics International Tbk (MPXL) secured bulk cement sale and purchase contracts with PT Victory Utama Beton (VUB) worth IDR 148.39 billion yesterday (20/5). The bulk cement volume involved in the contract is 129,600 tons.

In the information disclosure quoted Tuesday (21/5), James S. Chandra, Corporate Secretary of MPXL, mentioned that the procurement of sale and purchase contract will boost the company’s revenue. “The contract takes effect for the next two years,” he added.

VUB is one of loyal customers of MPXL, which, on October 25, 2023, signed the bulk cement sale and purchase contract, taking effect until October 25, 2025. MPXL’s revenue in 2023 was reported at IDR 140.25 billion, with the highest contribution from material sales of IDR 83.10 billion, and expedition service of IDR 57.15 billion.

Yesterday (20/5), MPXL’s price went down to IDR 104 from the previous closing price of IDR 100 per share. The transaction volume was 6.86 million shares, recorded within 1,553 transactions, worth IDR 722.37 million. Foreign sell and buy were reported at 460,600 and 752,000 shares, while the market capitalisation was IDR 208 billion. (LK/ZH)