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Blue Bird received a loan of Rp 1 trillion

12 October 2017 01:32 PM  Company: PT. Blue Bird Tbk[BIRD]
Rp. 2,710  -40 (-1.45%)

JAKARTA - PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD), a transportation company, has recently obtained a large loan facility. The fund is planned to be used for capital expenditures.

Blue Bird signed a loan facility agreement with Bank Sumitomo with a total of Rp 1 trillion to be used for capital expenditures for fleet financing.

The loan repayments will be paid 48 times starting from one month from the date of withdrawal. This loan will mature within six years from the date of the agreement, but not later than September 29, 2023.

In addition, this loan is also able to support the operational activities of BIRD and its subsidiaries. That way, this loan will be able to support the business continuity of the company and its subsidiaries. (HR)

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PT. Blue Bird Tbk [BIRD]   Rp. 2,710   -40 (-1.45%)