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Berau Coal will be delisted on November 16

18 October 2017 02:14 PM  Company: PT. Berau Coal Energy Tbk[BRAU]
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JAKARTA – According to the information from IDX, PT Berau Coal Tbk (BRAU) will be effectively delisted from the IDX on November 16, 2017. Starting on October 19 until November 15, the trading of Berau Coal will take place on negotiated market that last for 20 working days.

Berau Coal has been suspended multiple times within the last 2 years and have not submitted its financial statement and annual report for the last couple of years. These factors made Berau Coal got force delisting from the IDX.

As an information, PT Sinarindo Ekamulya as the major shareholder of Berau Coal did a tender offer to buy the new shares of Berau Coal as much as 5.32 billion shares or equal to 15.26% with the offering price of Rp 82 per share. (LM)

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PT. Berau Coal Energy Tbk [BRAU]   Rp. 0   -82 (0%)