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Indo Kordsa's tire cord sales contributes US$ 159 billion

01 November 2017 05:41 PM  Company: PT. Indo Kordsa Tbk[BRAM]
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JAKARTA - The sales tired cord contribution to the revenue of PT Indo Kordsa Tbk (BRAM) increased in third quarter 2016 to third quarter 2017. This segment business is supported to the company's revenue during the period 2017.

Based on the company's financial report during the third quarter 2017, the company's revenue booked US$ 178.09 billion. While the tired cord sales booked US$ 159.40 billion, followed by the yarn sales contributed US$ 11.67 billion and polyester sales noted US$ 7.01 billion. In the same period 2016, the tired cord contributed US$ 143.94 billion, while the yarn and polyester sales booked US$ 12.70 billion and US$ 7.34 billion, respectively.

The company booked the profit for the year noted US$ 19.03 billion during the third quarter 2017 or rose compared with the same period 2016 noted amounting to US$ 15.76 billion. (LK)

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