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Prasidha Aneka targets the revenue Rp 1.52 trillion

17 November 2017 01:39 PM  Company: PT. Prasidha Aneka Niaga Tbk[PSDN]
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JAKARTA - PT Prasidha Aneka Niaga Tbk (PDSN) targets the revenue will reach amounting to Rp 1.52 trillion and the sales volume amounting to 53.546 ton in 2018. This target will increase 12.6% compared with this year's noted 47.537 ton.

Based on the company's disclosure of information on IDX, the crumb rubber is estimated to be the largest contributor to the company's revenue as much as 48,000 ton and with the price amounting to Rp 1.10 trillion. Followed by the processed coffee that will reach 4.450 ton and notes price of Rp 399.23 billion and the coffee beans noted 1.096 ton with the total price of Rp 28.29 billion.

The sales volume and sales revenue of the company's commodities has been increasing since 2016. During January-September 2016, the company's sales revenue noted Rp 686.25 billion and soared amounting to Rp 1.09 trillion in the same period 2016. The company's market is United States of America, Europe, North Korea, China, Thailand. (LK)