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Indo Komoditi's revenue rises 71.58%

17 November 2017 02:41 PM  Company: PT. Indo Komoditi Korpora Tbk[INCF]
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JAKARTA - PT Indo Komoditi Korpora Tbk (INCF)'s revenue soared approximately 71.58% from third quarter 2016 noted Rp 291.39 billion to Rp 449.98 billion in the same period 2017. The increase the revenue was affected by rising rubber commodity price in the international market.

Based on the company's financial report during the third quarter 2017, the rubber sales revenue noted Rp 437.04 billion and the jelutung sales noted Rp 12.94 billion. In the same period 2016, the rubber sales contribution to the revenue noted Rp 285.27 billion and the jelutung contribution noted Rp 6.12 billion.

While the profit for the year noted Rp 5.82 billion during the third quarter 2017 or did not increase significantly because the meklon service revenue was zero and other expenses increased. In the same period 2016, the company's profit noted Rp 3 billion, while the meklon service revenue noted Rp 446 million and other revenue noted Rp 5.48 billion. (LK)

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PT. Indo Komoditi Korpora Tbk [INCF]   Rp. 110   0 (0%)