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MNC Sekuritas and Bank Sinarmas launch instant stock account service

27 November 2017 11:51 AM  Company: PT. Bank Sinarmas Tbk[BSIM]
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JAKARTA – Since the stock market inclusion in Indonesia was recorded below 2% in 2016, PT MNC Sekuritas is synergizing with PT Bank Sinarmas Tbk (BSIM) to launch instant stock account service.

In short time, the customer that uses instant stock account service will earn Rekening Dana Nasabah (RDN). After the customer top up some fund into the RDN, they will receive user ID, password and pin to login into the online trading application of MNC Sekuritas called MNC Trade.

“In order to fulfill people’s need of a better service, we launched the instant stock account service. Moreover, the millennial generation are dominating and the usage of integrated data and technology could help the stock account opening process to be faster, easier and more convenient,” explained Susy Meilina as the President Director of MNC Sekuritas.

Susy is optimistic that instant stock account service will boost the growth of MNC Sekuritas’ customers. She targets the MNC Sekuritas will have around 40,000 customers in the upcoming 2018. At the moment, MNC Sekuritas has more than 27,200 customers, which grew 45% compared to the end of 2016 noted 18,800 customers. (LM)

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