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Intraco Penta allocates nearly Rp 400 billion for expansion

26 September 2018 10:48 AM  Company: PT. Intraco Penta Tbk[INTA]
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JAKARTA - PT Intraco Penta Tbk (INTA) through its subsidiary namely PT Intraco Penta Prima Servis (IPPS) continues to increase their heavy equipment sales through expansion outside the existing market.

In order to diversify and expand the market, IPPS will target five major cities in Java and Sumatra. Erwin Kurniawan, Service Director of IPPS revealed that one of the strategy to reach wider market is by expanding to Java and Sumatra, particularly to reach non-mining industries such as agriculture.

“For the opening of one branch office we need Rp 80 billion. So, since this year and next year, we’re planning on to open 5 branches, we will need around Rp 400 billion. We will get our funding from bank loan,” said Kurniawan quoted from Kontan.

After this expansion, he believed Intraco Penta can grab more than 20% of market share in 2020. (LM)

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