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Surya Toto records profit Rp 2018.40 billion with soars 91.75%

04 October 2018 07:53 AM  Company: PT. Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk[TOTO]
Rp. 400  -2 (-0.5%)

JAKARTA - PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk (TOTO) recorded its comprehensive profit of Rp 208.40 billion in the first semester of 2018, which grew by 91.75% from Rp 108.67 billion in the same period in 2017. The increased comprehensive income was due to the ncrease from the sales revenue and the gain re-measurement of employee benefit liability.

According to the company's financial report, Surya Toto recorded its net sales of Rp 1.13 trillion or rose from Rp 1.02 trillion in the first semester of 2017. The cost of goods sold reached Rp 842.37 billion, rose from Rp 790.09 billion, and gross profit of Rp 294.99 billion or rose from Rp 235.30 billion. While its operating profit was at Rp 211.82 billion, rose from Rp 152.07 billion.

The profit before tax of Rp 201.18 billion, rose from Rp 144.90 billion, while the profit for the period reached Rp 144.57 billion, up from Rp 108.67 billion. The gain on re-measurement of employee benefit was noted Rp 85.09 billion, while in the first semester of 2017, the item has zero contribution.

The largest contributor to the sales revenue consisted of fitttings (Rp 564.98 billion), sanitary (Rp 484.21 billion), kitchen systems (Rp 83.16 billion), and ellectrical appliance and accessories (Rp 3.99 billion). In the same period of 2017, the fitttings (Rp 530.60 billion), sanitary (Rp 460.66 billion), kitchen systems (Rp 30.10 billion), and ellectrical appliance and accessories (Rp 4.03 billion). (LK)

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PT. Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk [TOTO]   Rp. 400   -2 (-0.5%)