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M Cash establishes a new subsidiary

09 November 2018 03:42 PM  Company: []
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JAKARTA - On November 1, PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (MCAS) has established a new subsidiary under the name PT Mcash Untuk Indonesia.

Based on information disclosure on the IDX, M Cash has a 40% stake in PT Mcash For Indonesia with a transaction value of Rp 200 million. This transaction was carried out to support the company's main business activities.

As an information, the company's net sales at the end of September 2018 recorded a growth of 300.5% yoy to Rp 3.3 trillion. In the same period last year, M Cash posted sales of Rp 835.7 billion.

This increase was driven by the digital distribution segment which contributed 80.1%, then the telephone and digital cloud advertising segments contributed 19.6% and 0.3% respectively. (LM)