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Toba Bara net profit hikes 47.40% yoy

09 November 2018 03:58 PM  Company: PT. Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk[TOBA]
Rp. 1,600  +10 (0.63%)

JAKARTA - At the end of the third quarter of this year, PT Toba Bara Sejahtera Tbk (TOBA)’s net profit rose by 47.40% on an annual basis to US$ 23.36 million. In the same period last year, the company's net profit was US$ 15.85 million.

Issuers with TOBA stock code, managed to record revenues of US$ 304.10 million, up by 43.95% compared to the same period last year of US$ 211.25 million.

The increase in revenue was supported by a 25% increase in financial income from US$ 1.39 million to US$ 1.74 million at the end of the third quarter of this year. In addition, other revenues also soared by 523% to US$ 1.68 million from the previous year of US$ 270,845.

Although the cost of goods sold also increased by 44.06% to US$ 213.27 million, Toba Bara still managed to record a 47.40% net profit growth to US $ 15.85 million. (LM)

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PT. Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk [TOBA]   Rp. 1,600   +10 (0.63%)