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BRI Syariah launches five new products

23 November 2018 08:43 AM  Company: PT. Bank BRIsyariah Tbk[BRIS]
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JAKARTA - PT Bank BRI Syariah Tbk or BRI Syariah has launched five new products to mark its 10th anniversary.

First, BRISPay which is the latest digital payment service using only QR code. BRISPay services are connected with BRI Syariah mobile banking service, BRIS Online. Second, BRIS Travel which is a service for BRI Syariah customers to arrange trips from hotel bookings to airplane and train tickets. Both of these products are currently awaiting official licensing from Bank Indonesia (BI)

Third, to support the trend of cashless transactions, BRI Syariah also presents BRIZZI BRIS, which is an electronic card-based electronic money issued by BRI and marketed by BRI Syariah. Fourth, BRI Syariah also targets the millennial generation through New BRISSMART.

Finally, BRI Syariah launches ATM Platinum and Gold cards that allow customers to transact with larger limits.

PT Bank BRI Syariah Tbk Business Director Kokok Alun Akbar said,the company follows the millennial generation movement. "Millennial customers are currently increasing by around 30% in November 2018. Finally, on November 16, BRI Syariah signed with Artajasa regarding the use of BRI Syariah ATM cards for cash withdrawals at all Saudi Arabia Al-Rajhi Bank ATMs aimed at increasing ATM card acceptability "BRI Syariah is abroad for customers, especially Hajj pilgrims and BRI Syariah Umrah," said Mr Akbar in a press release quoted by, Thursday (22/11). (MS)

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PT. Bank BRIsyariah Tbk [BRIS]   Rp. 510   +10 (2%)