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Unggul Indah Cahaya to increase production capacity by building new factory

23 November 2018 03:09 PM  Company: PT. Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk[UNIC]
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JAKARTA. PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk (UNIC) plans to increase the production capacity of detergent raw materials by 100,000 metric tonnes - 200,000 metric tonnes per year by building a new factory worth up to US$ 50 million-US $ 100 million.

The total production capacity of UNIC's detergent raw materials currently reaches 280,000 metric tonnes per year. "At present the Alkybenzene linear type production capacity has reached 90%. At the same time, the demand for detergent base material is increasing," said Yani Alifen, President Director of UNIC, in a public expose on Friday (23/11).

Mr Alifen said the realisation of the construction of this factory required approximately two years, while the funds to build this factory use a portion of the retained earnings which reached US$ 95.32 million. For the rest, UNIC will seek funding loans.

Until the end of September 2018 UNIC pocketed a net profit of US$ 17.95 million. This profit soared 89.15% compared to the same period last year of US$ 9.49 million.

Mr Alifen said the profit was supported by the sale of assets that had not been used in Australia, amounting to US$ 16 million-US$ 17 million.

UNIC sales in the first nine months of this year reached US$ 268.44 million, growing 14.35% from the previous US$ 234.76 million. The increase was supported by crude oil prices which had an impact on raw material prices and the company's selling price.

Until the end of this year, UNIC targets revenue growth to reach US$ 350 million, Mr Alifen said. (AM/MS)