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Indah Prakarsa continues to suffer from poor financial performance

30 November 2018 11:14 AM  Company: PT. Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk[INPS]
Rp. 3,180  -10 (-0.31%)

JAKARTA - Although its year on year gross profit increased, PT Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk (INPS)'s poor financial performance continues. The gross profit of the company was recorded at  Rp 41.46 billion and its loss for the period was recorded at Rp 9.64 billion in the third quarter of 2018.

As shown in the company's financial report, the company recorded a revenue of Rp 215.58 billion, slightly lower compared to the revenue gained in the same period of 2017 of Rp 218.02 billion. The decrease in revenue sourced from fuel, oil agent, and LPG filling station, followed by transportation and logistic. However, the year-on-year revenue of LPG agent showed an increase.

The triggering agent contributed Rp 85.85 billion, declined from Rp 99.56 billion, oil agent contributed Rp 8.12 billion decreased from Rp 12.64 billion, LPG refilling station contributed Rp 5.47 billion, declined from Rp 5.84 billion, and transportation and logistics contributed Rp 82.73 billion, declined from Rp 95.08 billion. Meanwhile, the revenue of LPG agent was recorded at Rp 33.40 billion, rose from Rp 4.87 billion.

In the third semester of 2017, Indah Prakasa recorded a profit for the year of Rp 11.56 billion and an operating profit of Rp 3.84 billion. (LK/AR)

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PT. Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk [INPS]   Rp. 3,180   -10 (-0.31%)