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Bata delivers Rp 11.32 billion of devidend

05 December 2018 02:24 PM  Company: PT. Sepatu Bata Tbk[BATA]
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JAKARTA - PT Sepatu Bata Tbk (BATA) will distribute cash dividend interim of Rp 11.32 billion or about of Rp 8.71 per share from the 2018 fiscal year. The payment of cash dividend will be done on 21 December 2018.

Amelia N. Savitri, Corporate Secretary of PT Sepatu Bata Tbk (BATA) stated that the dividend has been taken from the company's net profit of Rp 47.36 billion. "Recording date of the shareholder who has a right to receive the dividend is on 13 December 2018," she said as cited from the company's information disclosure.  

As of November 2018, 96.26% or 1,251,419,800 shares of Bata owned by foreign investors, followed by the domestic investors, which owned 3.74% or 48,740,600 shares, and the rest of it owned by individual (below 5%). In October 2018, the foreign investors owned 96.25%, domestic investors 3.75% and the rest owned by individual. (LK/AR)


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PT. Sepatu Bata Tbk [BATA]   Rp. 595   0 (0%)